• Mandy Carbajal

Colorful Coasters Tutorial

Make a coaster for any surface and space in your home! Keep it simple or make it fancy with a variety of fun stitches. The sky's the limit!

STEP ONE: Begin with two 6"X6" squares of quilting cotton and one 6"X6" square of batting.

STEP TWO: Place the quilting cotton squares with right sides together. Then place the batting square on top of the quilting squares, as shown below.

STEP THREE: Pin all the way around the square, being careful to pin through all three layers. With a marking tool (washable markers work great!), mark spots for beginning and ending your sewing, leaving about a 2" hole for turning your coaster right side out after sewing (see my markings--dark mark for beginning, lighter mark for ending--on the left side of the coaster).

STEP FOUR: Using a 1/2" seam allowance, begin sewing at your beginning mark and sew all the way around the coaster, stopping at your ending mark. Don't forget to backstitch when you begin and end. TIP FOR TURNING CORNERS: Stop sewing 1/2" from each edge, needle down, presser foot UP, turn your corner, presser foot DOWN, and continue sewing!

STEP FIVE: Clip your corners--the clippings will look like little triangles (cute!). Clip close to the thread but be careful not to clip the actual thread or you'll have a hole.

STEP SIX: Trim 1/4" off of the rest of the sides to reduce bulk when you turn the coaster right side out. NOTE: don't trim the hole area, as that extra bit will make it easier to tuck in after you turn the coaster right side out.

STEP SEVEN: Turn the coaster right side out, carefully poking out the corners (but don't poke a hole in your fabric!). A chopstick, pencil, or crochet hook works well for this task! Remember that extra bit we didn't trim off? Tuck it into the hole so the raw edges of the fabric disappear. Time to give your coaster a good press with the iron (but don't burn yourself!).

STEP EIGHT: Topstitch around the edge of your coaster, ensuring that your hole gets sewn closed. Leave it plain or add any decorative stitching you wish. TOPSTITCH TIP: Choose a thread color that coordinates with your fabric choice. It's okay for your thread and fabric to match, and it's okay to stand out and be bold with your thread color. It's YOUR creation, so be creative with it! NOTE: If your bobbin thread is a different color than your top thread, just know that the other side of your coaster will show that bobbin color!

Well done! Go pour yourself a glass of lemonade and test your handy dandy new project out.

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