• Mandy Carbajal

Make a Mask!

There are lots of great mask tutorials out there right now. Here's how I'm making mine!

STEP ONE: gather your materials--two 8"X8" pieces of quilting cotton fabric, one piece of 8"X8" light to mid-weight fusible interfacing (if you don't have this, don't worry--it's not essential, just nice for adding extra protection), two 13"-long pieces of 1/4"-wide elastic (if you don't have elastic, cut four 18"-long, 1"-wide strips of an old stretchy t-shirt--see picture below)

NOTE: This is sized for an adult's head. To make one for a child, adjust your materials like this: 7"X7" fabric squares, 11" elastic pieces or 16" ties.

STEP TWO: If using interfacing, fuse the interfacing to the WRONG side of one of your quilting pieces. Have a parent help you with this step! If using ties instead of elastic, stretch out the strips so they roll up nicely into little tubes.

STEP THREE: Angle the end of one piece of elastic into one corner of your cotton fabric (right side up!). Then place the other piece of cotton right side down on top of the elastic, as shown in the picture. Pin securely in place.

STEP FOUR: Being careful not to twist your elastic around, pin the other end of the elastic in the next corner, sandwiching it again between the two cotton pieces.

NOTE: If you're using ties, simply pin one end of each tie into each of the four corners. The other ends will be left loose.

Repeat the steps with the remaining two corners and the other piece of elastic until it looks like the picture below.

STEP FIVE: Use a 1/4" seam allowance to carefully sew around the mask, taking care not to sew the elastic bands (or ties) except at the pinned corners. Leave a two-inch hole for turning the mask right side out.

STEP SIX: Clip the corners off, being careful to avoid clipping the thread and creating a hole!

STEP SEVEN: Turn the mask right side out and give it a good press with the iron. Don't forget to tuck in the raw edge of the hole where you turned it out!

STEP EIGHT: Create a pleat--to create your pleat, start with your elastic (or ties) at the top and bottom (and not on the sides), then pinch your fabric and fold up. Pinch and fold up evenly across the whole mask. Pin or clip the pleat in place.

STEP NINE: Repeat the pleating step two more times for a total of three pleats.

Give it a good press with the iron (careful not to melt any plastic pinheads or clips!).

STEP TEN: Time to topstitch! Beginning on one long side of the mask, stitch close to the edge all the way around the mask, making sure the pleats stay in place as you sew them down.

STEP ELEVEN: Stitch one more time over the pleats to reinforce them. Stitch 1/4" away from topstitching line, and don't forget to backstitch at the top and bottom of your stitching line.

Go sport your new mask, and don't forget to wash it after each day's use!

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